With excellent mine-direct connections around the globe, Schwartz Fine Minerals has developed

a rotating collection of minerals for the refined collector.

Latest News

Japan law dig Early 2020

 In January before the Tucson 2020 show we decided to work a small exploratory dig at a private property in Southern AZ. We had been working with the land owners  the past year, trying to open the property to more public access. During this time we had discovered a...

Cholla de Veracruz our new find in Mexico!

For the last 2 years we have been selling wholesale Amethyst and Andradite (Demantoid and topazolite) garnets from Peidra Parada, Veracruz State, Mexico. This classic amethyst locality produces some of the finest, unique forms of lustrous amethyst crystals. These...

The excavation of the one hit wonder, the Purple Flame Pocket of North Carolina

In mid August, my friend Charlie Smith, an ex-marine and excavator in North Carolina, got a call from a soil scientist. He said that construction workers had hit a vein of amethyst and smashed it, making the new road purple. Charlie then called me to tell me about it...

Tucson 2019 22nd street show

We have an exciting season in Tucson coming up! In one booth we will be display unique home decor sculptures of wood and stone. A whole new selection of turned burls, inlays, crystal lights, and free form sculptures. Our other booth will be divided into two parts. One...

Changes abound!

Although constantly acquiring and selling stock, the SFM website has been a bit ignored. Changes are at hand. We are adding specimens we have been sitting on and waiting to photograph. We are adding a wholesale options for buyers of flats of minerals. And we will be...

From excavations to shows, we love what we do!


The Schwartz Fine Minerals world is a beautiful and fascinating one and we are delighted to share our experiences with you.

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures on our Latest News page!


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